Tuesday, June 23
2:45 PM– 4:15 PM ET



TCA Chairman Dennis Dellinger will address attendees before we hear a message from Great West Casualty Company’s VP of Safety, John Joines on TCA’s Fleet Safety Awards.

Jim Mullen (FMCSA) and Dave Heller (TCA) sit down with host Dave Nemo to discuss how the Administration is prioritizing safety in its work, particularly updates to the Drug and Alcohol Clearing House and hours of service regulations.


TCA Chairman’s Remarks
Fleet Safety Award
FMCSA Fireside Chat


Dennis Dellinger

President & CEO, Cargo Transporters, Inc.
Dennis Dellinger, President and CEO of Cargo Transporters, leads a passionate team of transportation enthusiasts. Dennis believes in being an example in his professional and personal life and encourages his team to do the same.  Dellinger knows carrier operations top to bottom. Starting with Cargo Transporters in 1986 as a driver supervisor and continuing through the years to fill a number of positions, his in-depth knowledge and viewpoints of fleet management and the industry are recognized and respected.    In addition to Dellinger's responsibilities at Cargo Transporters, he also is a leader in several industry organizations. Today he represents North Carolina Trucking Association where he serves on the Board of Directors and is a Past Chairman.  Dellinger currently serves as the Chairman on the Board of Directors at the Truckload Carriers Association.  Other commitments include serving on the Board of Directors and Vice Chair of the Safety Policy Committee at American Trucking Associations and an advisory position at The Trucking Alliance.  

John Joines

Vice President, Safety, Great West Casualty Company

David Heller

Vice President, Government Affairs
Truckload Carriers Association
David Heller is the Vice President of Government Affairs for the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) and isresponsible for communicating and interpreting all trucking-related regulations– safety, legislative, and otherwise – to the membership of TCA and our congressional representatives on Capitol Hill.  Heller regularly develops and authors comments regarding trucking industry mandates based upon association policiesand principles, and serves as staff liaison for all federal and statelegislative and regulatory issues pertaining to the Department of Transportation and other related federal agencies. As a routine part of his job, he supports the association membership in the resolution to technicalinquiries on the trucking industry, with particular emphasis on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs). As evidenced by his participation in FMCSA’s Entry Level Driver Training Advisory Committee (ELDTAC), Heller has become a recognized industry expert in trucking and also one of the few association executives who has earned his certification from the North AmericanTransportation Management Institute (NATMI) as a Certified Director of Safety (CDS).  Heller has appeared multiple times on the Dave Nemo Show and Road Dog Trucking News withMark Willis to explain TCA’s position on key legislative and regulatory issuesand has spoken on issues to multiple industry-based trade associations. He isregularly approached for comment on industry-relevant matters by top trucking trade publications and offers a quarterly webinar to TCA members that provides updates to important industry issues such as Highway Reauthorization, Hours ofService, and Testing for Drugs and Alcohol. 

Jim Mullen

Deputy Administrator, FMCSA
Jim Mullen is the Acting Administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. He is responsible for providing executive leadership and expert guidance on policy matters, legislative initiatives, regulatory implementation, communications, and stakeholder and Congressional relations – all with the focus of helping FMCSA further its safety mission. The Agency he leads regulates more than 530,000 trucking companies, 12,000 bus and motor coach operators and approximately 4 million interstate commercial driver’s license (CDL) holders.

Dave Nemo

Host, Road Dog Trucking
Dave Nemo grew up glued to the radio. He studied communications in college and was the campus station program director. That led to being hired for weekend work at WWL Radio in New Orleans in the winter of 1969. He’s proud of his service in the U.S. Army and was fortunate to be a radio host on AFKN in Seoul, South Korea. Back in New Orleans, his career in trucking radio began in the summer of 1972 when he joined Charlie Douglas and The Road Gang. Today, he’s honored to serve the men and women of the “Wonderful World of Trucking” across North America through SiriusXM. Dave says one of the best things he ever did was to start the St. Christopher Fund with his dear friends Michael Burns and Dr. John McElligott. Dave is honored to be on the Truckers Against Trafficking Board of Directors. He considers himself lucky and blessed to have such a wonderful team at RadioNemo. Dave plans to ride along with you for many miles to come.