Wednesday, June 24
4:00 PM - 5:00 pm ET

Workshop Series #2


Technological advances pose new challenges to the safety officer and an evolution to the roadside inspection. Join Kerri Wirachowsky, Director of Roadside Inspection Program,  CVSA  as she guides you through the  Level 1 inspection process and shares the latest insights, threats, and the enforcement of the future.


What to Expect at Roadside


Kerri Wirachowsky

Director of Roadside Inspection Program, Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA)
Kerri Wirachowsky is the Director of the Roadside Inspection Program for the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA).  She previously worked for the Ministry of Transportation in Ontario, Canada for 30 years. She was a Transportation Enforcement Officer for 16 years and ended her career as the Head of Enforcement Program Evaluation.  She was responsible for developing training curriculum and updates for enforcement staff and advising both enforcement and the industry on commercial vehicle related issues.  Kerri instructed CVSA inspections as well as basic regulations requirements to new enforcement recruits from 1996 forward and was certified as a National CVSA Instructor and participated in the Education Quality Assurance Team and the Federal Dangerous Goods Task Force in Canada.  
She competed and won the CVSA North American Inspectors Championship (NAIC) in 2001. Subsequently, she was appointed by CVSA as the Co-Chairperson of the event.  In 2007, she was appointed the Chairperson CVSA Vehicle Committee in 2007 and in 2016 was elected as the Region V President.   In January 2017, she joined the staff of CVSA in her current position.   She has also received the Peace Officer Exemplary Service Medal, Queen’s Jubilee Award and the CVSA Presidential Award.